Canada Yiquan Society

aka Canada Yichuan Society




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Yiquan (Yichuan) the internal art is derived from Xingyiquan. It was founded by Xingyiquan master Wang Xiangzhai 王薌齋 during his Shanghai years. He named it Yiquan to differentiate it from Xingyiquan, and to emphasis the mental aspect of the art over the physical. It was his opinion that concentrating on physical training without a corresponding emphasis on the psychological aspects of training is ill-conceived. The name Yiquan is to remind his students not to neglect the importance of mental discipline and training.

In 1940 a local celebrity in Beijing described his art as the “Great Achievement” of Chinese martial arts. Wang protested that since knowledge and knowing is infinite, there cannot be such a “creature” as “great achievement”. Nonetheless, the names Dachengquan and Yiquan became synonymous.

We are a group of Yiquan enthusiasts in the Toronto area that would like to make this exciting art available to the public. We highly recommend Yiquan because it has incorporated the direct power of Xingyiquan, the changeability of Baquaquan, and the “elasticity” of Tai Chi Quan.  As a system of Qigong (although Master Wang would never call it that), it is a valued addition to the Chinese art of health maintenance, as a system of martial art, it is simple, direct, and effective.


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